Revitol Scar Cream For The Treatment Of Scars From Acne

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A number of you have contacted me about whether Revitol scar cream works for the treatment of scars from acne. Since I’ve used this solution for over six moths I had experienced first hand everything there is to know about this Revitol cream.

Before I help you figure out the answer to that question, allow me to first elaborate a bit on the nature of the problem that led me to begin using Revitol in the first place.

Acne has always been a major problem for me – ever since the year I hit puberty my face erupted with pimples that refused to go away till I finally became 18.

Since then my skin has been relatively acne-free with only sporadic breakouts that were always manageable for the most part.

It was soon after my second pregnancy when the worst of these breakouts came calling. These weren’t just any generic pimples, but they were severe bulbous pimples that refused to get off my face.

While the pimples themselves did recede in two months, the scars they left didn’t seem like they were planning to go anywhere. Even after looking in the mirror after a good six months the scars were as recent as they were on day one.

With the arrogance of these ugly blemishes I knew that I needed something radical. Frustrated, this was when I first began to search for an effective treatment for acne scars.

Researching on the internet there were a few points that were abundantly clear to me.

  • Laser treatments are probably the best and most effective solution there is, it is however also quite expensive. I for one couldn’t really afford to take the plunge.
  • Home remedies can be effective, but there it involves a long period of mere trial and error until you find a remedy that works on your skin.
  • Creams offered the best balance of the lot by being relatively inexpensive and effective over time.
Acne scars after revitol scar cream

Month 3 of using Revitol Scar Cream

Given these observations I immediately began my foray into looking around for an effective, inexpensive scar removal cream. After trying out some 9 different solutions without much success it was my sister who first suggested Revitol scar to me.

I was a littleĀ skepticalĀ at first given that Revitol doesn’t sell any of its products in stores, it instead only sells them online. But being desperate can make anyone do some stupid things!

For the first two months of application there was nothing worth mentioning – the cream has little to no effect of my now aged acne scars.

Thankfully the status towards the end of the third month was much more reassuring. My marks were gradually receding giving way to fresh smooth skin.

It wasn’t for another three months that I could finally say that Revitol scar cream had worked its magic well. I’m glad that I didn’t give up on it months ago, but then again I probably should thank my sister for nagging me beyond comprehension!

There are no two ways about it – Revitol scar removal cream really works as a treatment for scars from acne.

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