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Having read a number of Revitol scar cream reviews out there I thought I may as well contribute to the growing customer base with a review of my own.

Before I proceed with my review of this Revitol cream, it’s probably best that I tell you a bit about myself.

Hi there, I’m Jake from Springfield, Illinois in the USA. I’m all of 37 years old, a father of two kids, and own a landscaping business of my own.

The reason why I was in the market for a scars removal cream came to happen some 3 years ago. In an attempt rescue my little daughter’s puppy I got hit by one of those old Toyota sedans that shouldn’t even be on the road anymore.

The accident left me in the ER with multiple concussions, a broken rib cage and a fractured arm. Besides the damage to my bones, there was this one deep cut that ran across my chest right down to my stomach.

Without straying away from the subject at hand, I can tell you that physiotherapy was difficult and quite painstaking. After almost 5 months I was able to walk out of the hospital on my own two feet.

Unfortunately the scar hadn’t changed one bit. The surgeon at the hospital had broken the news that I needed to get a surgery done if I wanted to get rid of it. With the recession that was going on at the time, there was no way I could afford to let go of the $10,000 that the surgery required.

Still desperate for solution it was my good friend Cindy who stumbled on a solution of her own. Cindy was with me in the hospital. She had been through an accident herself, and was doing her physiotherapy alongside me for 4 out of my 5 months.

Revitol scar removal creamCindy suggested that I get my hands on Revitol scar removal cream and apply it twice daily on my scar. When she showed me the amazing results it had on her body I couldn’t turn my back on Revitol.

Soon enough I used this great discount that Cindy shared with me to buy Revitol scar. From the first day itself I was applying it on my chest and stomach once in the morning and once just before  sleeping.

After I didn’t see any significant results for over 2 months I decided to let go of the idea that Revitol scar would work but by the time I was dating a very adamant Cindy who insisted that I stick to it.

It was a good four months before I could make out any significant difference in the severity of my scars. Given how deep and grotesque the scar on my stomach was I’m really surprised that a cream managed to do anything, let alone reduce its prominence enough to make it virtually indistinguishable.

The purpose of my Revitol review is to solely help you figure out whether this is a product that can help you.

If you were to ask my for an opinion I would say that this is probably the best scar removal treatment out there that doesn’t cost a small fortune.

I hope that this review, unlike the other Revitol scar cream reviews out, helps you to form an independent opinion about this cream and its effectiveness.

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