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This Revitol scar cream review is meant to help all those people who are still looking for an effective scar removal cream.

It took me a good year and a half of frivolous experimentation to finally find this one cream that could finally get rid of my surgical scar.

Hi there I’m Margaret. I’m a 33-year-old mother, wife, and lawyer. The purpose of this review is to help you figure out for yourself whether you need the Revitol scar removal cream or not.

I hope that by reading through this review, and my experience, you will be able to take advantage of Revitol, or at the very least avoid wasting your money by buying it.


I was in a car accident 4 years ago in March. A speeding motorcycle crashed into the side of my Lexus leaving me bloodied with a air bag in my face.

It took a few months of recuperation, and even more months of physical therapy for me to get back on my feet. Today I’m much better, except for a little pain in my lower back.

I had to undergo 7 surgeries on different parts of my body, which included a reconstruction of my left lung.

Anyway, all those surgeries left my body scarred. I had one deep, gashing mark stretching across my left breast to just under my navel. A few more spread across back and one very prominent one on my left temple.

My surgeon suggested I go in for some cosmetic surgery. I don’t know why, but at that time I just didn’t want to stay at a hospital any longer.

Having been in the four walls of a hospital for over 6 months I just couldn’t even consider the additional month the cosmetic procedures would put me back by.

I thought I would get back to it some day, or maybe even just live with it. Boy, I sure wasn’t thinking straight at the time…


It was within a year of returning home weary that I couldn’t take it anymore. Whatever anybody says about looks and outer beauty not mattering it complete BS – it does, and none of us can fight that urge.

I didn’t need to look like my old self for somebody else – it was for me. I wanted to look in the mirror and recognize the person looking back at me.

I searched for treatments online and most of the articles told me that cosmetic surgery was the most effective solution to my scars.

Not willing to go back to the hospital again, I decided to make a comprise and go ahead and try out a cream.

Honestly speaking I wasn’t really confident about whether any cream would work or not mostly because my scars weren’t caused by acne or by injury, they were caused by an idiot speeding straight into me at 160mph!


Is was after months of trying out many different brands of scar creams that I finally stumbled across Revitol scar removal cream.

I heard about it from my sister who had used the Revitol stretch mark cream during her pregnancy. She told me that it was the best skin care product she had ever tried, and that I too should use the company’s scar cream.

After having tried some 15 different creams and solutions I can’t say that I was enthusiastic. I didn’t expect anything from Revitol, or from the cream I knew I was going to order after it.

Revitol scar creamAs it turns out – Revitol actually worked! Within just 2 months of daily application my scars were actually beginning to fade.

As I mentioned earlier my scars were really deep. It took me almost 8 months of daily application to get rid of them completely.

Even that ugly scar spreading across my breast and stomach was gone. If you think that it has disappeared then you’re wrong.

With the severity of that scar I was surprised that Revitol actually managed to make indistinguishable from the rest of my skin. It was still there, but it was so light that even I had trouble reaching from point A to B.

If you’re interested to try is out for yourself, I would suggest taking advantage of this great discount coupon that Revitol sent me since I ordered an entire carton of 10 tubes of their cream.

I really hope this Revitol scar cream review has helped you understand what Revitol can and can’t do for you. I wish you all the very best and hope that you too can get rid of your scars soon.

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