Revitol Scar Cream Review By Jamie Bell

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Hi there! I’m Jamie, and I’m here to give you my unbiased and honest Revitol scar cream review.

I used this cream on the scar I got from the surgery I was forced to undergo after being hit by a speeding motorbike at 120mph.

Before I tell you more about my experience with Revitol’s scar cream, I think it is important for me let you know a little bit more about the nature and extent of my scars.

It was a foggy night in January when I was walking my cocker spaniel. I faintly recall hearing a Harley in the distance. It really wasn’t something I gave much though to in the few minutes before it happened.

In less than 30 seconds from that moment the biker came speeding down road. He turned too sharply, and skidded off the road to avoid a parked car. He saved himself from harming the car, but he did end up hitting me instead.

I lost Heath (my beloved dog) that night. I also got a cracked rib cage, a fractured hip, along with a ruptured spine. Bottom line – I didn’t walk for another 6 months.


The path of my recovery wasn’t easy. With months of physiotherapy ahead of me there wasn’t much to look forward to. Thankfully I had my husband to keep me looking ahead.

I did get back on my feet. It took me a long, long time to do so, but I managed to walk again.

After 18 months of being at the hospital every single day, I was able to walk out on my own feet without any pain, except that of loosing that very important part of my life. Hope you’re in doggie heaven Heath!

While my body was fine, my skin still showed the many scars of the accident and the subsequent surgery. These marks were deep and ugly to look at.

I just couldn’t deal with the fact that I had to revisit the whole incident every single day while getting dressed in the morning.

Surgical scars

My surgical scar!

The prospect of looking at those scars for the rest of my life was just too daunting. I needed to get rid of them!

My surgeon told me that I should go for cosmetic surgery. According to him it is the only treatment that is effective against severe scars like mine.

The idea of spending thousands on yet another prolonged stay at the hospital just wasn’t something I could wrap myself around.

My insurance company called the surgery “unnecessary”. But I knew that I wouldn’t really move forward in life without letting go of that everyday reminder of the past.


I began searching online for solutions for my surgical scars. As it turns out, there are only a handful of treatments available for removing such severe scars.

Many of my friends suggested I try out some home remedies. I did, and they really don’t work. The results I got after months of sticking to them was almost negligible.

Dumping the idea of homemade remedies, I embraced the idea of using a scar removal cream. My closet friend Macy recommended Revitol scar removal cream.

Having having tried their stretch mark removal cream first hand, Macy was sure that Revitol was exactly what my skin needed to repair itself.

For the lack of a better option, I just went ahead. She told me to use this deal she received as a Revitol regular for buying the product.

Does Revitol Scar Removal Cream Work On Surgical Scars?

The answer to this question surprised me too.

The Revitol solution actually managed to get rid of my marks. I began noticing them fading soon after completing 2 months of regular application.

Revitol scar creamIt did take a full 6 moths of daily application to get rid of my surgical scars completely. But just that fact that I payed so less for this the entire treatment made up for the fact that I had to wait that long.

People are using this solution for their acne scars, injuries, etc. With the extensive damaged caused to the surface of my skin I’m honestly surprised that Revitol worked at all.

I love the fact that it contains only natural ingredients that don’t cause any side effects. I also loved the price I managed to get the entire treatment for.

With the many great offers available for this cream I can’t imagine that there’s another solution that as effective and economical as Revitol.

The entire purpose of this Revitol scar cream review has been to help you figure out whether this is the solution that you need for yourself. I hope that by reading this you’re at least a little closer to finding a treatment that works for you.

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