Is Revitol Scar Cream A Scam?

Revitol Scar Cream Official

Many men and women from across the world have been expressing a common concern about the Revitol scar removal cream. If you too are wondering if Revitol scar cream is a scam keep reading to uncover the truth about this cream.

Before I tell you about my experience with this cream for scars, I think it’s important that you know the extent of my problem, i.e. the severity of my scars.

Ever since I delivered my second baby through a C-section, there has been this one deep, gashing scar on my stomach. The doctors had told me that it would disappear over time, but I can’t see any difference from when I first saw it.

It was a good two years of living with that scar that I finally decided to do something about it. I was though with waiting around for it to heal itself – the whole wait-and-see approach just wasn’t working for me!


A quick search online got me to some conclusive results:

  • A cosmetic procedure was the best way to get rid of such scars. The problem (at least for me) was that the procedure cost far too much for me to even consider it seriously. So much for health insurance; they told me the old line about how they didn’t fund any “cosmetic” medical procedures. Honestly, only somebody who has been there can possibly know what I’m talking about.
  • There were a number of home remedies I found around the internet, but not one came close to actually doing something about my scars. All I had now was smooth yet scarred skin!
  • Topical creams were both effective and inexpensive. While they took a few months to show results, they had no side effects and worked for most people. The problem was that there were a number of scams out there, and I didn’t really have any experience with dealing with them.

I was quite pleased with myself for having found the route to take for solving my skin problem, little did I know – things were just beginning to get frustrating.

I ordered a total 13 creams in a matter of 11 months, and not one of them managed to do anything for me. Well not until I reached the 14th one at least…that’s where my experience with Revitol begins.

My Experience

I don’t fault you for asking the question – Is Revitol Scar Cream a scam? Having been there myself, I know I was just as doubtful as you are today.

So how did I figure out the truth about Revitol? Well, I took a leap of faith. After buying those many creams it seemed ok for me to go ahead an spend another $50 for this one. Boy am I glad I did!

It only took a month and a half for Revitol to prove to me that it was different. At first the mark only lost a little of its previous prominence, however, soon things were very different.

Somewhere between the forth and the fifth month, one fine morning the mirror had the best news I’d received since the birth of my baby girl – that much-despised scar of mine was no more.

As far as I know, this is the only solution that worked for me. It is not a scam. Given the low price I got it for there is no doubt in my mind while recommending it to anybody who wants to get rid of that disfiguring scar on your body, and your life.

Revitol is no scam, and you shouldn’t hesitate buy it if you’re looking for such a treatment. I wish you all the best – hope you too manage to improve your life like I did.