Does Revitol Scar Removal Cream Work On Acne Scars?

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Still wondering if Revitol scar removal cream works on acne scars? Having tried the Revitol scar cream on my own scars from acne, I know the answer to that question first-hand.

Before I tell you about the effectiveness of Revitol on my acne scars, I think it makes sense for me to tell you a little bit more about myself and the severity of my condition.

First things first, I’ve had acne on my face ever since I can remember. It was when I turned 15 that the condition really got out of hand.

I am now all of 37 years old, but the marks that used to be there 20 years ago haven’t changed at all. A close friend was the one who finally talked some sense into me.

I’ve seen her with the same problem since our childhood days. While we both are married with children, she just always appeared much younger – almost as if she just had gotten more out of life than I had.

If you had met me you really wouldn’t even consider that case. I’m as energetic as I was back then, but I just look much older now.

I honestly have never thought to go for one of those anti aging creams or whatever because I just didn’t think they would work. Well, I know better now.


After years of trying to convince me to try some treatment, I surprised my friends (and myself) by actually going ahead and indulging the countless beauty treatments available today.

With two kids you tend to develop a good number of stretch marks – I got rid of them by using TriLASTIN, this amazing stretch mark removal cream.

Eventually it came down to the scars on both my cheeks. Those were the same marks caused by the acne that receded entirely some years ago – sometime after my second pregnancy.

While the pimples themselves had gone, there were marks in their place that hadn’t gone for over two decades now. This proved to be much more difficult than I thought.

If you’ve ever tried to look for a treatment to get rid of your scars before you would know that there aren’t many options available out there.

The internet was the only option I had to get rid of these scars but not even innumerable searches could turn up any results that I could work with.

It was at this point that a friend of mine suggested I try Mederma or Revitol. Since I’d already tried Mederma without much success I decided to go for Revitol instead.

Much to my surprise, Revitol actually worked!

Does Revitol Scar Removal Cream Work On Acne Scars?

Revitol scar removal creamThere is no doubt about it – the Revitol removal treatment does work on those age-old deep red acne marks. Mine have been around for so long, yet this cream managed to get rid of it in just 30 days.

All I had to do for these amazing results was apply it daily – which I did for the most part of it. I was also really lucky that a friend of mind let me in on this great discount.

Mederma had caused my face and neck to develop rashes. Revitol turned out to be different. I guess that the inclusion of only natural ingredients in this cream has a lot to do with theĀ absenceĀ of any side effects.

Within a matter of just two months the scars from my acne was completely gone. They had just disappeared! Something that had made a place on my face for over 20 years had completely disappeared in just 2 months!

There are no two ways about it – Revitol scar removal cream does work on acne scars better than any other topical solution.

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