Does Revitol Scar Cream Remove Surgery Scars?

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Still wondering if Revitol scar cream can remove surgery scars? This guide will provide you with enough information to make an independent decision about the effects of using Reviol scar removal cream on such scars.

Since I’ve used Revitol myself I have a fair idea about the benefits of using this product on surgical scars. However, before I tell you more about this cream I should probably fill you in the nature and extent of my own scar problem.

I’m a 30-year woman who got married to her school sweetheart just this last year. It happened when I was 27 – a car came speeding down our quiet suburban neighborhood

The driver and his friends were high. I was out for my daily post-dinner jog when the Mustang hit me. My body was rammed against a tree.

I had a broken spine, collar bone, nose, along with a fractured hip. Both my legs were broken from the impact. I basically couldn’t move my body from the waist down.

The good news is that I did manage to recover. It was a grueling two years of physiotherapy every single day. I couldn’t walk two steps without crashing down to the floor for over a year.

Am I angry at how thing turned out? Yes, there’s no doubt about that. The good part of all this was that I reconnected with the man who would eventually be the only pillar of support I really needed.

That being said, I did recover but not to my previous self. There was still pain in my joints and scars all over my stomach, legs and back.

So did I manage to remove my surgery scars?

I did manage to finally remove them, but it sure wasn’t easy. My doctor suggested cosmetic procedures worth a lot of money – money I couldn’t afford at the time.

I began searching for a solution online. There were many people who suggested quite a few home remedies. I must have tried over 20 of them only to arrive at the conclusion that none of them really worked.

Desperate to get rid of all the marks before my wedding day I began using a cream called Mederma – it didn’t work!

In the next few months I tried a total of 7 different scar removal creams but none of them managed to show any results, my marks were still there!

I was frustrated with all the money gone to waste over creams that really didn’t give me any conclusive results. This is around the time when my maid of honor told me about Revitol.

Did Revitol work on my surgery scars?

Revitol scar cream - Before and after photo on a surgical scar

Revitol managed to remove all my surgical marks over time. If you think that it took only a month then you’re wrong.

I had to apply Revitol daily on my skin for over 6 months to get the results I needed. Most people are looking for a miracle cure for all their skin care problems. I did too.

But let’s be honest, it just isn’t practical. I had some really deep scars all over my body and Revitol managed to remove them which is an accomplishment by itself.

If you too need a surgical scar removal cream then there really isn’t one better than Revitol. The Revitol scar cream did remove my surgery scars in record time.

At an unbeatably low price this cream both economical and effective against all the different types of scars. I can personally vouch for its effective against marks from surgery.

I really hope this guide helps you to make a more informed decision about which cream you should buy for your scar removal needs.

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