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Looking for the best C section scar creams? This is my story and guide to help you find an effective scar removal cream for your cesarean section scar.

Before I tell you about which scar removal solution you should opt for, it makes sense for you to know a little about my background. I hope this helps you make a more informed decision.


I’m a 40-year-old mother of 3 children. Two sons and a daughter. My youngest child (Benjamin who is all of 5 years old) came when I was just about to hit 35.

As many of you would know, giving birth anytime after you’re 30 tends to have a number of side effects and complications.

With Benjamin there was no other option available to us except to go for a C-section. Honestly, I know doctors will tell us that it’s perfectly safe, but I just couldn’t stop worrying!

Thankfully Benjy came out perfectly fine – there isn’t a day I don’t thank god for that. The tiny downside of the procedure was the deep scar left from the cesarean.

As it turns out, I didn’t even pay any attention to it for a good three years. But that wasn’t the case when I reached the age of 38 – so very close to that figure of the big 4 and 0!

I don’t hesitate to admit that I didn’t (and still don’t) like the fact that my skin is looking old. My face has wrinkles, fine lines, age spots – you name it, my skin is probably going to oblige!


But while all of the other marks made sense to me, some how the large scar just below by stomach didn’t fit in. When I started gaping at it every morning while taking a shower – that’s when I knew that I needed to get rid of it. ASAP!

I searched online for treatment that would help me figure out which method was the most effective. But it wasn’t just about the results – I didn’t want to spend a lot of money.

That’s when I came across the subject of cesarean section scar removal creams. The only problem was that nobody actually knew about any specialized cream.

I then decided to broaden the search. This turned a lot of creams that promised to get rid of scars of any and all origin.

I wish that was it, but it really wasn’t. I ordered one, then another, then yet another…none of them really worked! Determined not to give up I did finally come to know of two creams that definitely showed significant improve in C-section scars.

Best Cesarean Section Scar Removal Creams

#1 Revitol

Revitol scar removal creamThere are no two ways about it – Revitol scar cream is the best scar removal solution there is. The fact that it only uses to 100% natural ingredients made it so much more worthwhile.

I experienced zero side effects with this cream. It’s odorless and very easy to apply.

Within a matter of three months, where I applied it daily, Revitol had shown some pretty significant results. The scar on my stomach was long gone.

Another major advantage of using this cream for me was that it also managed to get rid of my acne scars. It truly is the best treatment there is to get rid of the marks that have been disfiguring you for years.

I managed to snag this product using this great offer. If you’re interested to get a great bargain on the MRP, check out these great deals.

#2 Mederma

Mederma scar removal creamMederma is another popular scar removal treatment. I can’t however recommend over Revitol simply because the results are just so much better.

Sure it’s a little cheaper, but Revitol isn’t all that expensive in the first place. Another major problem I have with Mederma is the fact that it’s completely chemical-based.

Yes, Mederma is effective too, just not as much as the other cream.

I really hope my guide to the best C section scar creams has helped get rid of your mark. I’m confident that by using one of the above creams you will easily get rid of that scars in no time.

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