Burn Scar Removal

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Burn scar removal requires knowledge and understand about the burns, and which treatment is best suited to a particular type of burn-related scars.

Any such treatment or remedy should be able to repair and heal the marks left on the skin by burn marks. Immediate treatment can be extremely helpful to significantly reduce the severity of the scars.

Before looking for any single removal treatment to get rid of burn scars, it’s important to take note of some simple, yet effective, tips which can ultimately lead to whole better outcome.

Burn Scar Removal – Treatments, Home Remedies And Tips

Burn scar removal

  • Cold Water and Tumeric

Applying a mixture of turmeric mixed in cold water is advised immediately after the burns. This very concoction can play a major role in preventing the formation of scars in the future.

The cold water helps to reduce the burning sensation, while the turmeric acts as an anti-septic calming the skin to prevent any inflammation.

Cold milk can always be substituted in this mixture with similar success. Soak some milk with some cotton and press it against the area burned – this process itself can prevent the skin from getting inflamed in the first place.

  • Antiseptic and antibiotic creams and lotions

Scar removal creams and lotions should only used after the burns have healed. Using them any earlier can result in some serious side effects and adverse reactions on the skin.

It is important to only use antibiotic and antiseptic creams that are prescribed by a qualified doctor. Over exposure to air is also advised against.

Bandages can be used to cover burns. However, it’s important to change these bandages at least twice daily. Once the burn marks have healed the use of creams and lotions is permissible and recommended.

  • Home Remedies

There are many home remedies for scar removal, however not all of them are effective against burn-related marks. Following are some of the best home remedies for the removal of burn scars:

  1. The use of olive oil after taking a hot water bath helps to open the pores on the skin. This helps to accelerate the healing process significantly.
  2. Vitamin E is another effective treatment for such blemishes.
  3. Wheat germ oil is another popular home remedy for getting rid of burn scars. Recommended application is at least twice or thrice daily.
  4. An almond oil massage twice a day helps to get rid of burn marks over time.
  5. A paste comprised of fenugreek seeds that have been soaked in water overnight is an effective homemade remedy for treating burns and related marks. Wash it off with with some cool water once it has dried.
  • Allopathic medications

Doctor-prescribed medications are also effective for treating such scars. These medications containing antihistamine or corticosteroids need to be consumed orally daily. Refrain from over-the-counter drugs; always consult a dermatologist for oral medications.

  • Avoid exposure to sunlight

Sunlight is known for its potential to damage even healthy skin, which makes it a formidable threat to skin that is already damaged by burning.

Use of sunblock and a moisturizer is strongly advised to prevent further damage by the harmful rays of the sun.

  • Laser treatment

Laser therapy is among the most popular methods to get rid of burn scars. Given the significant price of this scar removal treatment, it is only recommended to people with severe burns.

  • Pressure garments

Pressure garments is another popular choice for people looking for a non-surgical method to treat minor cases burn scarring. Such garments are only effective when utilized during the healing process of the burns.

With consistent application of pressure on the skin significantly controlling inflammation, these garments reduce the potential of tissue to get scarred.

Burn scar removal can often become a long-drawn frustrating process that could take anywhere from a few moths to even years together. Despite the obvious impulse to avoid such treatments, men and women are advised to be consistent with their chosen treatment for best results.

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