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Looking for the best pimple scar removal cream? Don’t let anybody tell you that there are many creams that actually work to get rid of pimple scars, because there really aren’t.

I’ve tried over 10 different creams on the scars left over from my pimples, but there have been only two that have actually managed to show conclusive results.

Before I tell you about these two creams, it’s probably a good idea for you to know more about me and my background. I hope this knowledge helps you make a more informed decision.

I’m a 28-year-old social worker who just got married to her childhood sweetheart last year. While that picture might seem perfect to most people, all I could see in every picture (real or imaginary) was the pimples.

Now I’m not talking about just another acne breakout – I’ve had pimples ever since I was 14. They weren’t anything serious, well not until I turned 21 did acne become the bane of my existence.

I know that may seem a little too dramatic, but anybody who has had to deal with pimples covering every spot on their face would probably know how difficult everyday life and activities can become.

When I hit 27 I knew that I couldn’t remember the day of my wedding like that. I just couldn’t be showing my children, and their children, photographs where I looked hideous.

It was time to look for a treatment – anything that actually worked.


Anybody who has searched for a pimple scar treatment probably already knows this – there are hardly any out there that actually work.

Every dermatologist I went to gave me the same response – a cosmetic procedure. I would have gone for it had it not been priced so high.

It was obvious that I needed a treatment that worked, maybe not as well as a procedure, but at least enough to make to dare looking in the mirror before stepping out for work.

I read about many so-called home remedies but none of them really made sense. Heck, these were the same “remedies” that I had been trying since I was 21!

That’s when a lot of my online friends suggested I use a cream. I honestly couldn’t imagine any cream being able to do the trick, but hey, I’m happy to admit that I was wrong.

Best Pimple Scars Removal Creams

After going through a number of disasters, one including developing rashes all over my face and neck, I finally found two amazing creams that actually gave me results.

I personally have used the first one extensively, and have seen the second work well for a close friend of mine. If asked to chose between the two however, option 1 is undoubtedly the better solution for the removal of pimple scars especially.

#1 Revitol

Revitol scar removal creamThere are no two ways about it – Revitol scar removal cream is the best cream for getting rid of scars caused by pimples.

My scars were gone well in time for my December 12 wedding, where yes, I looked quite good if I do say so myself.

It only took a mere 3 months for Revitol to clear up my pimple-populated face. This is definitely the best cream there is for anybody who suffers with pimple-related scarring.

I also loved the fact that it contains 100% natural ingredients which ensured that there weren’t any unnecessary side effects on my face.

With this one great Revitol deal I managed to get this product so much cheaper than the current MRP.

#2 Bio Oil

Bio oil scar removal creamThis is another great cream for getting rid of your scars left from past pimples. While I haven’t used Bio Oil myself, I’ve the results on my friend, and they have been quite good.

You can also use it for uneven skin tone, stretch marks, aging and dehydrated skin. However, we both agreed that Revitol is definitely the superior product in this case.

While you can buy this cream, I personally recommend using Revitol instead. For a little extra you get results that are worth just so much more.

I hope this guide to pimple scar removal creams has helped you to find the very best pimple scar removal cream suited to you needs. Rest assured you’re in good hands picking either one of the choices above.

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any best scar cream product that is available in philippine market


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