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The search for the best facial scar cream isn’t as easy as most people would assume it to be. Having been on the lookout for over 2 years myself, I’ve tried over 13 creams before finally finding the one solution that actually worked for me.

I didn’t begin by looking for the best cream to remove face scars, at first all I wanted was a treatment that would get rid of those marks. Unfortunately, there aren’t many treatments I found that were effective without being expensive.

Before I tell you more about the best facial scar removal cream, I think you should probably know a little bit more about me and the severity of my facial scars.

I’ve had marks on my face ever since I was a teenager. At first they were caused by acne, then it became seasonal. To this day every winter has my face crowded with scars from pigmentation, acne, dryness, and what not.

I’m now all of 38 years old and the marks that populated the skin on my face 20 years ago are still prominent. As you can imagine, with those many years of scarring behind me my face isn’t all that appealing to look at.

In fact, I’m fairly certain that it’s grotesque on many levels. I must have tried hundreds of treatments and home remedies on my face, but none of them have really shown me any results.


I’ve been searching for the most effective solution to my face scars for years now. Most dermatologist have recommended expensive cosmetic procedures.

While I would love to undergo any such treatment, I just don’t have the money to spend on something like this. With two kids I need to save for their college.

The internet has helped me with a lot of home remedies, but none of them have managed to make much of a difference.

It was only recently that I noticed that there were a number of new topical creams and solutions available in the market.

As I searched more on the subject, I noticed that a number of people were complaining about the lack of effectiveness of these creams too.

Frustrated I just let go – of course my method of letting go involved compulsively purchasing some 13 brands online. Not one single one of them worked.

This time I was really prepared to take the plunge. I’d already spoken to my dermatologist for a cosmetic scar removal.

I had to cancel this treatment though – I noticed cream no. 14 was actually having some results!

Revitol Scar Removal Cream

Best facial scar creamI had heard about this cream from a friend of mine who claimed that this solution was the best she had ever used on her acne marks.

Intrigued (and possibly fevered with frustration) I went ahead and ordered Revitol. I began applying it daily – the same process I’ve followed with every scar cream.

I remember going to the doctor and consulting with him about the procedure he said would improve my skin. I had already paid a $5000 deposit on my treatment.

Just 6 days before I was scheduled I noticed something in the mirror I hadn’t seen in years – a change!

The blemishes on my face were slightly different. They were still there but they were definitely a shade lighter than before.

It was at this point that I knew Revitol scar removal cream had worked. I’m just thankful that I managed to save all that money from the surgeries. I even managed to get the deposit back!

Even while buying this product, I managed to take advantage of some really great deals and discounts.

For the fact that it caused me no side effects at all, comes at dirt cheap price, and managed to get rid of my facial scars in 2 months flat – Revitol scar cream is definitely the best facial scar cream there is.

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